Keystone Toy Truck For Sale?  Buddy "L" Museum World's
Largest buyer of
Keystone Toys Paying 40%-80% more than
Ebay ~ Antique Dealers ~ Private Collectors Free Appraisals
Paying Thousands of dollars for the following Keystone toys: 1923-1939 Keystone toy trucks
including 1930
Buddy L Jr Dairy Truck,    Large Keystone toy train  ~   Black Keystone Police
Patrol truck and any Keystone toy truck manufactured before WWll.   Also buying 1923-1938
Red Keystone toy fire truc
k,  Black or Red Keystone toy dump truck and all other antique toy
trucks made by Keystone toys co of Boston.  Visit our home page to see a rare 1931 electric
Keystone aerial ladder truck  Email us with all your vintage
Buddy L toys & Keystone toys for
sale Buying single toys or entire collections highest prices paid for any
keystone toy airplane
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Antique Buddy L Toys | Keystone Toy Trucks | Sturditoy
Buddy "L" Museum presently seeking the following Keystone Toys:    1926 large red
Keystone Aerial ladder truck with siren. 1925 rubber tire Keystone police patrol truck
painted black. 1924 Blue Keystone toy dump truck with working dump handle. Large
Keystone fire truck with original hoses Either green or beige Keystone U S Mail truck
with canvas mail bags.     Orange Keystone U S Mail Plane with rapid fire decals. All
Keystone toy trucks in good original condition Large antique Buddy L toy
trucks and early Buddy L toy trains, any condition.      Prewar vintage Buddy L trucks
with or without
Buddy L accessories.        Contact us for a free confidential appraisal
Antique Buddy L Ice Truck Appraisals
Buying Old Buddy L Toys
Vintage Sturditoy Truck Appraisals
Vintage Buddy L Truck Appraisal
Buddy L Toy Museum America's oldest & largest
Buyer of Buddy L Cars  Always Paying 40%-70%
More Than Private Collectors,  Antique Dealers &
eBay.      Contact us with your
Buddy L Ice Truck
Buddy L Baggage Truck
 Buddy L Sand & Gravel
Truck & Buddy L Coal Truck For Sale Our Future
generation thank you Free Antique toy appraisals
Partial List of Pressed Steel Toys Wanted:  Early  
1939 Buddy L Ice Truck, 1926-1938 Old Buddy L
Sturditoy toys Big Red or Green Sturditoy
Gondola,     1925 -1937
Buddy L Baggage Truck
with or without accessories,  1926-1932
Wrecker with boom, 1926-1939 Buddy L Wrecker
all colors, 1927 Sturditoy Oil Company Truck with
& without headlights, Vintage green
Buddy L Bus
any condition.   Yellow Buddy L Ice Truck wanted
Contact us with your Antique Toy Trucks for sale
Presently buying vintage toy trucks  including
Buddy L toys  and all vintage toy cars
manufactured 1919-1944 We'll pay you more
for your vintage toy truck than anybody in the
country  Whether you have a Sturditoy Truck
Keystone toy truck or Buddy L toy truck you'll
receive the highest price possible.      1930's
vintage Keystone toy airplane needed in any
condition Speedy free antique toy appraisals
Keystone toys , vintage
Buddy L truck or orig
vintage Keystone toy truck for sale.     Buying
single toys or entire collections.        Buddy L
nuseum the most trusted name in antique toy
trucks, Buddy L Trains  and old Buddy L toys
World's leading authority for antique Keystone
Buddy L toys and & all  vintage toy trucks
including all original vintage pressed steel toys
manufactured by
Sturditoy Co.     Keystone toy
company & moline pressed steel company. Do
you have an old  
Keystone toy truck, Keystone
toy train or Large
Buddy L Bus or car for sale?
Also buying
Buddy L toys and vintage Buddy L
Trains.    E-mail us with questions on
toy trucks, Keystone toys,
Steelcraft toy trucks
and  early  vintage toy trucks made  during the
1920's and 1930's     Please e-mail pictures of
your pressed steel toy trucks,vintage
& Buddy L Toys  Antique toy airplanes wanted
Highest Prices Paid !
Highest Prices Paid !
Vintage Buddy L Toys should be kept in a dry
climate to prevent rust, and early  paint failure
Never use harsh  chemicals  to clean your old
Keystone Toy Truck or any big
Sturditoy truck
Buddy "L" Museum    "A Name You Can Trust"
Keystone Toy Trucks especially examples with
red paint like the 1926 Keystone Aerial Ladder

truck should only be cleaned and preserved by

knowledgeable collectors. Old
Sturditoy Trucks
Free Appraisals !
Buying Steelcraft Toy Trucks ~ Buddy L Trucks ~ Keystone Toy Trucks
Keystone Toy Dump Truck Wanted any condition
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or vintage Keystone toy trucks in mint factory
condition. Also seeking antique Sturditoy truck and
early Steelcraft toy trucks.
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Rare vintage keystone toy
trucks for sale. Buying scarce
sturdtioy and American National
toy trucks. Buddy L ice truck for
sale free appraisals
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