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Buddy L Museum offering Free Appraisals.  Buying antique pressed steel toys, Buddy L Trucks, Buddy L Cars, Buddy L Toy Trains and more
Know the facts before selling your toys contact us today Helping collectors since 1968 consistently paying 50%-85% more than ebay, antique
dealers or private collectors. Presently paying up to one thousand dollars for any
Buddy L Flivver Coupe or Flivver truck in nine plus condition
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Buddy L Museum "the most trusted name in pressed
steel toys"
Free Toy Appraisals
Free Toy Appraisals
Contact us with all your questions regarding Buddy L trucks or Buddy L Toy Catalogs. Buddy L Museum has been helping Buddy "L" collectors buy and sell
pressed steel toys for almost half a century Do you have a Buddy L Lock for sale or perhaps an antique  
Buddy L toy truck that you recently inherited?  Now
buying all
Buddy L Trains and Flivver cars manufactured before world war two. Your Buddy L trucks are important to us.  Also buying Buddy L Flivver trucks
Several pages in the Buddy L Museum are dedicated to the Sturditoy line of toy trucks.  Various models Sturditoy trucks can be viewed clicking highlighted links indicating
Sturditoy If you'd like to submit photos of your favorite Sturditoy you may send them directly to;  Toys@BuddyLMuseum.com or to the Buddy L user web form on this page
Do you have a Buddy L Steam Shovel for sale? E-mail the
Buddy L museum for a free confidential evaluation. Buying and selling Buddy L Cars and pressed steel toys for
more than half a century.   If you need help identifying your
Buddy L Dump Truck or looking to sell your Buddy L Toys send two photographs along with a daytime number
We offer several collector services including Insurance appraisals for vintage Buddy L Toys, Buddy L trucks and Buddy L trains manufactured prior to the second
world war.  Now  paying $1200 for any Buddy L flivver dump truck in mint condition. We're also the country's leading experts on
Buddy L trains, Buddy L catalogs  
Buddy L cars, and
Buddy L trucks. Visit one of our several websites including www.BuddyLtrains.com & www.BuddyLTruck.com Also seeking toy trains powered
by electricity or steam. Your antique Sturditoy truck or vintage
Buddy L car is important to us, contact us with all your antique pressed steel toys and cars for sale
Free Antique Toy
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